Otizm Güçlü Aile Derneği (OGAD) – Autism Strong Family Association was established in 2013, in order to empower individuals with autism spectrum disorder, support families coping with autism and to increase awareness about autism in the society.

Our Goals:

  • Collaborating with domestic and foreign universities, non-governmental organizations, private and governmental institutions and area experts regarding autism spectrum disorder; organizing meetings, seminars, panel discussions, lectures, conferences, symposiums etc., which explain autism and make families, educators and the community conscious of autism; carrying out publicity campaigns through social media; publishing and distributing periodicals and/or non-periodicals publications, books, brochures, flyers, posters; shooting and broadcasting films and documentaries.
  • Meeting the requirements of children with autism spectrum disorder and their families, in order to maintain their adequate living standards in the modern society.
  • Briefing the related bodies of governmental institutions, local administrations and all other institutions related with autism; hence, preparing and submitting reports and advisories in order to contribute to the works and new legislation studies these institutions may carry out.
  • Ensuring that the children with autism get the appropriate education in their early stage of life, suitable to their individual characteristics, therefore quickening their social reintegration process.
  • Providing that the children with autism get education together with other children who display natural development, who are their peers, in compliance with the social integration programs.
  • Collaborating with schools and rehabilitation centers that work with children with autism.
  • Solving the future problems of children with autism; establishing schools, community homes and/or villages where they can be educated to take up a profession, where they can produce within their potential, where they can engage in art and sports activities, where they can live permanently if needed.