How Can Volunteers Help OGAD?
Various tasks that our volunteers can engage in, are listed below. If you have any other suggestions, we would very much like to hear from you.

Communication and Awareness Volunteer
Carrying out interviews, meetings and presentations in companies, institutions, schools and universities in order to create awareness about autism
Arranging organizations to promote student clubs or student groups on autism in high schools and universities
Following-up social media posts about our association and other related institutions; submitting the necessary reports
Carrying out promotional activities in media channels

Project Volunteer
Actively taking part in various projects carried out by our association, creating new projects with your ideas and organizing the necessary tasks
Supporting our events and activities
Organizing and actively participating in panels, conferences, exhibitions, donation fairs, concerts etc.

Resources and Funding Volunteer
Working to procure real and/or cash donations
Finding sponsors for our projects

Training Support Volunteer
Arranging activities that will develop manual skills of the children
Volunteers that have expertise in music, fine arts, and sports may provide education in these areas
Supporting extracurricular activities that are planned for the children
Planning various activities that will be entertaining and developing for the children

Family Volunteer
Acting as a brother/sister for the children with autism in homes, schools and other social environments
Supporting activities that are planned for the children with autism
Organizing various courses and experience sharing meetings for the families
Organizing motivational social activities for the families
Providing coaching to parents

Office Support Volunteer
Scanning through the news, articles, videos on autism published/broadcasted in foreign channels
Translating foreign resource materials
Supporting office administrative work

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